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What is a cloudberry?

Cloudberries are a rare and delicious find around Tok, just like our cabin!


Cloudberry flower.  Cloudberries are rare in Tok, AlaskaCloudberries have a raspberry-like leaf, but grow low to the forest floor in sunny boggy areas with acidic soil.  Tok’s soil is an ancient rocky river bed, and is very well drained, so more cloudberries are found south of Tok along the Tok Cutoff Highway.

Pamper yourself with cloudberries

Enjoy a cup of cloudberry tea, an aromatic shower with 2 berries soap and then lather up that dry skin with cloudberry lotion, all made by Salmonberry Origins in the Alaskan arctic with real cloudberries.

Two Berries Soap


Cloudberry Tea


Cloudberry lotion





Fun Cloudberry Tidbits

  • The berries are initially bright red, ripening into a light orange color
  • natives mix them with seal oil, reindeer or caribou fat and sugar to make “Eskimo Ice Cream”
  • They are a cousin to the raspberry
  • High in Vitamin C, this fruit was an important remedy for scurvy among hunters in the Arctic

cloudberry jam can be made near Tok, Alaska


If you are new to berry picking in Alaska, make sure you go with an experienced berry picker, or bring along a guide with pictures of both leaves and fruit. Alaska has many berry look-alikes, some of which are poisonous!


We do harvest many wild berries around Tok.   Some that grow plentifully are:

bog blueberry

Tok, Alaska is a great place for blueberry picking

wild raspberry

Wild raspberries can be found in Tok, Alaska

lowbush cranberry

lowbush-cranberries abound at Cloudberry Cabin in Tok, Alaska




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